About Made by SOMI

Made by SOMI is the brainchild of Dr. Omosude Kerobo, PharmD. She is a natural hair enthusiast with over ten years of experience in formulating, mixing and testing natural and organic hair and skin products. A registered pharmacist by profession, Sude started Made by SOMI (MBS) because she wanted to combine her pharmacy-based knowledge with the budding natural hair/skin product industry to formulate products that will influence the lives of others domestically and internationally.

In addition to providing great skin/hair care, MBS is a developing brand with room to blossom and grow far beyond the health and beauty industry: The ultimate purpose of MBS is to invest in the youth of our homeland [Africa]. The children are our [the world's] wealth and the cultivation of future generations include: innovation, culture and self-empowerment. These are all major keys to the sustainability of the legacies that [we] must strive to create for ourselves.